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About Texans for Patients' and Physicians' Rights

Goals for Reforming the Texas Medical Board

The elimination of the following:  1) anonymous complaints from insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, attorneys and competitors, 2) anonymous "expert" witnesses, 3) Star Chamber proceedings held in secret, 4) prohibition of notes and recordings in hearings, 5) denial of due process to physicians, 6) discipline for menial and trivial records' findings, 7) intimidation tactics, 8) manipulation of assignments to the Informal Settlement Conference (ISC) panels rather than a fair system of random assignments, 9) forced settlements, and 10) conflicts of interest of the TMB members.

We are advocating:  1) the sacredness of the patient/doctor relationship, 2) transparency of charges and proceedings, 3) accountability of TMB members for their actions, 4) integrity of the board members in carrying out their responsibilities, and 5) the acceptance of and giving equal weight to evaluations of a physician's care by physicians other than those chosen as so called expert witnesses by the TMB.

We are also recommending that the Texas Legislature establish an independent, public Texas Medical Board Oversight Committee, the members of which would be appointed by the Texas Legislature, to ensure that that the above legislative changes are enacted by the TMB. This committee would report its findings to the Texas Legislature. This committee would also receive and evaluate complaints from patients and physicians who feel that the TMB has acted unjustly.  

Finally, there can be no true reform of the Texas Medical Board without the removal of the current leadership. Mari Robinson, Executive Director, must be removed from office.